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19" Staggered rims

Custom Made 19 Inch Staggered Rims

With many years of experience in dealing with custom rims, Blaque Diamond has made a name for itself in the aftermarket wheel industry for providing some of the most aggressive staggered wheels in the game. Blaque Diamond offers a wide variety of fitments for vehicles like BMW, Audi, Ford and Dodge. With wheels offered in 19"-24", you're sure to find the right wheels for your ride.

19 Inch Staggered Wheels

Running a staggered fitment boasts huge gains for your vehicle's performance (To find out more about the benefits of a staggered wheel setup, click here), but we all know the looks are what really matters! One great thing about running a staggered setup is that your wheels will have more depth. When you add an inch or more of width to the wheel, you are drastically changing the profile of the wheel - causing the wider wheel to have a more concave effect.

19 Inch Staggered Wheels

Stunning Line Of Custom 19'' Staggered Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

Blaque Diamond BD-3 Gloss Black

Choosing the Right 19" Staggered Fitment

Before jumping into a staggered fitment, you must look at a few key factors to ensure you will have the perfect setup.

  • Find out what size your stock wheel is to get an idea of how wide you can go in terms of the width of the wheel. If your car has 19×8 in the front, chances are you will be able to run a 19×9 fitment. But this does not mean that a 19×10 will fit the same application.
  • When considering a deep concave wheel, keep in mind that you will need to be clearing the brakes enough to avoid any contact. This same concept applies with your fenders and inner liner.
  • Consult a fitment expert at Blaque Diamond to ensure you will be achieving the perfect 19 inch staggered fitment every time.

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