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22" Staggered rims

Custom 22 Inch Staggered Rims

If you're looking at 22" wheels for your ride, you most likely drive a big body sedan or an SUV. If you drive neither of those...well you just like big wheels. Regardless, you came to the right place. At Blaque Diamond, we offer a wide selection of designs that come in 22" staggered concave fitments for 5 lug wheel applications.

So what types of staggered 22" custom rims are there?

When it comes to custom 22" wheels, you are given the upper hand. Why? Because you are given the ability to achieve the perfect fitment. At Blaque Diamond, our 22' wheel options are offered in widths from 9" up to 12" To give you an idea of what a typical 22" staggered fitment entails - take a BMW X6 for example. A large SUV with more than enough clearance to achieve an aggressive 22" fitment. We take the standard 20x9 wheel in the front and bump it up to 22x10 and we take the "skinny" 20x10 in the rear and replace it with a 22x12.

22 inch Staggered Wheels Models

Stunning Line Of Custom 22 Inch Staggered Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

Blaque Diamond BD-9 Gloss Black

What Are The Benefits?

There is both objective and subjective reason why the 22″ staggered fitment is “better” than your standard set up.

  • A subjective standpoint would be that a 22″ wheel just looks and fits better than a 20″ Don’t think so? Take a look at this X6 that we used in the example above.
  • An objective viewpoint would that a larger wheel with a wider width will increase the performance of the vehicle. This has been proven in motorsports for ages.

Regardless of the fitment, you decide to go with, the experts at Blaque Diamond will be able to assist any of your wheel needs and make sure you totally satisfied with the outcome.

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