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Combining sleek good looks with expert performance, Blaque Diamond’s selection of 5 lug rims includes staggered wheels, bronze wheels, 5 lug black rims, and custom rims. In sizes from 19” to 24”, our five lug rims are engineered with obsessive attention to detail and are designed to fit an array of makes and models. They come in a variety of standard and custom colors to complement any car, truck, or SUV.

Are All 5 Lug Wheels the Same?

Wheels can have a number of different lugs — the fasteners used to secure the wheel to the vehicle. Typically, a vehicle might have four, five, six or eight, but 5 lug wheels are the most common. This does not mean that they are all the same, however. There are a number of different bolt patterns, and it’s important to find the one that best fits your car.

Custom 5 Lug Wheels Models

Stunning line of custom 5 lug rims with an attractive look and compatible performance

bd-1 wheels
Blaque Diamond BD-2 Silver
Blaque Diamond BD-3 Graphite
bd-8 wheels

Do All 5 Lug Wheels Fit?

Not every 5 lug wheel will fit every car. So before you set your heart on your shiny new wheels, here’s how to measure a wheel bolt pattern for a 5 lug rim.

  • All-wheel bolt patterns consist of two numbers: the number of bolt holes in the circle, and the diameter of the circle (BCD). The pattern is expressed as: [number of bolts] x [diameter].
  • To find the BCD, measure the distance from the center of one bolt hole to the far edge of the furthest-away hole in inches. 
  • Now you can put the two numbers together. Common 5 lug bolt patterns include 5 x 4.5”, 5 x 5”, and 5 x 5.5”.
  • Alternatively, speak to an expert at Blaque Diamond via our live chat or email form, detailing the make, model and year of your vehicle, and the custom wheel you are interested in. We’ll do the hard work for you to help find the best fit.

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