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Custom Alloy Wheels and Rims

Custom alloy wheels can transform the look and performance of any car. Distinguished by their elevated aesthetic and superb performance, Blaque Diamond produces car alloy rims that make a statement on the road. We engineer luxury wheels in sizes from 19” to 24”, and in a variety of colors and finishes that can be fitted to cars from popular makers including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. With a wide range of alloy wheels for sale, it’s easy to find the perfect model for any car, truck, or SUV. With a wide range of alloy wheels for sale, it’s easy to find the perfect model for any car, truck, or SUV.

Types of Custom Alloy Wheels

What makes alloy wheels so sought after? It’s not just about superior performance (although that counts, too). Because of the way alloy wheels are manufactured, there is a lot more scope for getting creative and producing striking custom designs. Blaque Diamond’s high-quality selection includes chrome lip wheels, 5 lug wheels and silver rims to give every car its own unmistakable look.

Alloy Wheels Models

Stunning Line of Custom Alloy Rims with Attractive Look and Compatible Performance

Blaque Diamond BD4
bd-8 wheels
Blaque Diamond BD9

Luxury Alloy Wheels

When you’re fitting custom wheels, alloy wheels make a natural choice. Aside from their visual impact, here are four good reasons to seek out your nearest alloy wheel retailers.

  • Made from an alloy (usually aluminum or magnesium), these wheels are lighter than steel. This has a big impact on performance. Lighter wheels put less strain on a car’s suspension, which leads to faster acceleration, as well as improved steering and handling.
  • Alloy wheels are better than steel at dissipating heat. This matters, not only because it contributes to better braking, but also because it keeps tires cooler, helping them to last longer.
  • Alloy is also more corrosion- and rust-resistant than steel — so these custom wheels will keep their good looks for longer.
  • Less weight means better fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear on tires.

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