2018 Cadillac Escalade x BD-15

BD15, BD-15, Escalade, 24's, Cadillac
Sometimes, to change the game you don’t need much; especially when you’re already sitting at the top of the food chain. Take the Big Mac for instance, it’s that special sauce that makes all the difference. For now, the Cadillac Escalade is still the king of SUVs, instantly adding mounds […]

2016 BMW M6 fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Gloss Black

2016 BMW M6 fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Gloss Black Here at Blaque Diamond we love to see our wheels on the fastest and coolest cars possible and this M6 may take the cake. Recently the car took 2nd place at Shift Sector, pushing 700+ horsepower on E85 with […]

2016 Lexus RC200t F-Sport Fitted on 20″ Staggered BD21’s in a Bronze Chrome w/ a SS Lip

2016 Lexus RC200t F-Sport fitted with 20 inch BD21’s in Bronze with Chrome SS Lip 5 spoke wheels have been the staple of nearly every industry from tuner cars to muscle cars. The best way to execute these looks is a proper set of wheels which is why this owner […]

2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack fitted with 20 inch BD23’s in Bronze with Chrome SS Lip

The ideal place to take any muscle car would be the middle of the desert. The long straight roads and the lack of public interference makes it perfect for testing what your car is made of. Coming in at 485 horsepower, the Dodge Challenger Scat Pack is the king of […]

2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Matte Antique Bronze

2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Matte Antique Bronze The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular and widely sold muscle cars ever produced. To stand out from the rest, it takes an array of custom tailored modifications, which is exactly what this Mustang has. […]

Miami Heat Star Gets 22 inch BD-8’s in Candy Red Fitted to His 2011 Audi A6

When you have a superstar NBA player wanting a set of our wheels fitted to his car, you know you have to give him something extra special.   James Ennis grew up in California and attended Cal State University Long Beach. In 2013 Ennis sign with the Perth Wildcats to play […]

2015 BMW 428i Fitted With 20 Inch BD-8’s in Two Tone Black

The 2015 BMW 4 series has agility, acceleration with a wide stance and low center of gravity. For almost 100 years, this German manufacturer has been producing luxury vehicles that have been a household name across the world. The 428i has a 2 liter turbo charged engine which expels 240 horsepower to […]

2014 Dodge Challenger Fitted with 22 Inch BD-1’s in Silver Polished Face

he Challenger is a growling, snarling beast that you hear and feel every step of the way. This car is a homerun for anyone that loves a true muscle car and appreciates it stoutness and attitude.  The Challenger arrived at our headquarters to shoot for our last photo competition. We […]

2015 Range Rover Fitted with 24 Inch BD-9’s in Black

It doesn’t get any better than the Range Rover in the prestige, luxury SUV market. The Range Rover combines 40 years of history with the latest in technology and sophistication to create this fashionable vehicle.  The Range Rover came to us with the standard 20-inch wheels. We were excited to […]

2015 Dodge Charger Fitted with 22 Inch BD-3’s in Matte Graphite

In 2015, the Charger was thoroughly updated to give it sleeker appearance and breath new life into an old platform. This Charger and was an entry in our last photo competition.  The bad boy of pony cars comes standard with 20 inch alloy wheels. Not content with these, we fitted […]