2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 BD-F18 on 20″ BD-F18

The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 has a long name with a long supercar heritage to uphold. The wedge-like design ensures that the air thoroughly slips around the baby lambo’s curves. Intakes on the front and sides make sure the radiators are cool and the engine can breathe properly. Designed by Italian’s finest both artistically and mechanically, you would think aftermarket add-ons and deletions would take away from the aesthetic and balanced beauty that this supercar possesses. But then you’d be wrong.

Gintani Motorworks has put this amazing piece of kit together. Personally, Gintani added a Stage 2 twin turbos and tuned the engine for the modifications. The twin-turbo kit is a G1000. Clearly the 1,000 bit translates to 1,000 horsepower, which should put a smug grin on any car enthusiasts’ face. Other alterations include a wide and sleek rear wing provided by RSC Tuning. Novitec has supplied their custom suspension and lowered the car for a more aggressive and race-inspired stance. For the finishing touches, Blaque Diamond was commissioned to procure the wheels for this supercar refit.

Finished in gloss black. Blaque Diamond has chosen its new BD-F18 wheel which is manufactured using a flow forge process. This wheel is stronger and lighter than its competitors and offers increased driving dynamics. The serrated look gives the car a menacing feel and an overall sinister vibe. Providing ample cut out space to show off the flashy brake calipers and discs, the BD-F18 can be imagined as spikes reaching out to anchor the custom rims being exposed to the drivetrain’s immense power.

The new BD-F18 and the Huracan go together like an Italian suit with a silk tie. This combination is proof that fine art can be improved upon. High standards just have to be met with equal measure.

Features of the BD-F18 Wheels

The BD-F18 is lighter, stronger, and more stylish than the competition. Whether you’re going for balls to wall performance or you are looking for that unique staggered style, the BD-F18 offers the best of both worlds. With a deep concave profile and pocketed spoke design, you are sure to make a statement no matter which ride they go on. The BD-F18 also features an exclusive Diamond Center Cap you won’t see anywhere else.

While this wheel looks great on any vehicle, it is specifically made for high-end exotics and sports cars. Because of its mechanical properties, these vehicles will benefit most of BD-F18’s technology. But any ride would be blessed to be able to wear a pair of these shoes.

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