2016 Mercedes Benz S560 on 22″ BD-11 in Gloss Black

The pinnacle of luxury. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has always been the most luxurious sedan offered by the German carmaker. With premium-quality materials used all over the spacious interior and a handcrafted engine, you really couldn’t ask for more out of the S. With a variety of different trim levels and engine specs to choose from, there is an S-Class for everyone. Well, anyone who can afford one anyway!

The difference between our S560 and the rest of the S-Classes out there is ours less boring. The standard 560 is equipped with either a 19″ or 21″ wheel option. Neither of those wheels really compliment the big body of the S. The design on the stock wheels are outdated and don’t really emphasize the class of vehicle the S-Class is in.

We opted to put something on there that would stand out. First thing was first, we know we wanted to put 22″ wheels to really compliment the size of the car. With the large yellow brake calipers, we also knew that we wanted them to be seen and not hidden by a mesh spoke design. We decided the BD-11 would suit the car to its full potential. The multi-spoke rims really make the S stand out just that much more.

With the wheels mounted the S-Class is ready to hit the streets. Unlike your run in the mill S, the Blaque Diamond S550 is sure to break necks. From the beach to the city, to the countryside, the BD S-Class is now in a class of its own.

Features of the BD-11 wheels

This urchin-like design features a 10 spoke design. The center of each spoke project outward for a short length, adding to the depth and assailing nature of the wheel. Finishes include gloss silver, gloss black, and antique bronze; however, there can be custom color painted wheels to any specification the customer desires. 5 lug designs are available for this rim for car and SUV fitments.

Sizes Available

The BD-11 is available in the following sizes:
19×8.5 / 19×9.5 – 20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Vehicles That BD-11 Wheels Fit

These wheels look best in small sizes on imports and low stanced cars. However, this simple design lends itself well to multiple applications. In larger sizes, SUVs and executive sedans will obtain a sharp and edgy look if fitted with these wheels.

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