2018 Truck of the Year on 24″ Blaque Diamond BD-17/6

Truck Trend’s 2019 Pick Up Truck of the Year goes to the all-new 2019 Dodge RAM 1500 Bighorn – and with good reason! Winning multiple awards for the light-duty trucks for 2019, it was only right that Blaque Diamond got its hand on one of these big boys. After an intense week-long challenge the RAM beat the likes of Ford, Chevy, and GMC to become the rightful king of the pickup truck throne. With an advanced interior and tech that the competition can’t touch, the RAM’s interior virtually has no competition.

When it comes to the aesthetic of these trucks, it’s truly subjective. Some like the styling of the Ford, some like the Chevy, but we can’t argue that a nice pair of shoes doesn’t complete the look of any of these trucks. Blaque Diamond has a line of wheels specifically catered to these big pick up trucks that are offered in a 6 Lug bolt pattern with wheel diameters of 22-24″.

For this RAM, we went with a 24″ wheel to complement the size of this beast. Anything smaller would have been something like a bodybuilder who skips leg day…not a good look! With the size figured out, we had to pick a wheel that would give the truck the aggressive look. It was between the BD-77 and the BD-17/6. Once we did a quick test fit, we knew the BD-17/6 was a clear choice. Specifically made for 6 Lug applications, the long twin 6 spokes really make all the difference. Keep in mind the truck comes with 18″ wheels stock. The look after installing the wheels was night and day.

Features of the BD-17/6 Wheels

The BD-17 is one of Blaque Diamond’s more unique set of wheels. This wheel is offered in both a 5 (BD-17-5) and 6 (BD-17-6) split-spoke design to accommodate 5 and 6 lug bolt patterns. The BD-17-5 is for those who want to capture that aggressive, yet elegant 5 split-spoke design to compliment the curves of their ride.

The BD-17-6 with the 6 lug configuration, on the other hand, is an ideal fit for trucks and SUVs. With a demanding presence, you will outshine your competition and claim the respect you deserve. These wheels are perfect for trucks and SUVs, but also give that deep concave aggressive look to standard vehicles as well.

If you have any questions about our wheels, company, or something else, please call us at (818) 362-2250 or email us at info@blaquediamond.com.