2018 Mercedes-Benz E300 Sport on 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-77s in Rose Gold

An all-black Mercedes is like an all-black suit…good for any occasion. But down in Miami, they make them a little different. Known for its Caribbean culture, its illegal capitalist cowboy roots, and its world-renown party scene; South Florida is a brewing grounds for artistic creativity and self-expression. Down here, a black Benz can be more than a suit, it can be a Thom Browne short suit and leather brogue boots worn by LeBron James in game 1 of the Finals. So what if others don’t like it, creativity doesn’t consult their opinion. The owner of this 2018 Mercedes E300 Sport definitely didn’t ask permission.

Speaking of self-expression, Kisley Carvajal has commissioned Tread Marks Miami to modify his Mercedes E-class to fit his personality and taste. Besides the roof-mounted cargo carrier, modifications include an Airforce Suspension 1/1 and airlift management kit so the Mercedes can squat like a cross-fitter. One look at this ride makes one think this totter ferrying owner is one parts business mixed with two parts edge and excitement. Tread Marks has also taken the liberty to apply some custom wheels to the list of upgrades.

The Blaque Diamond BD-77 wheels look tailor-made for the legendary executive sedan. Finished in rose gold, the color of these rims strays from the usual chrome or brushed finish. The E300 Sport has fitted with 20”x10” wheels all the way around. With the perception of minimal wheel cutouts, these Blaque Diamond rims give off an imposing appearance. But that overpowering nature is mixed with something. The rounded-oval like spaces give the wheel a softer tone. This design does a great job of mixing brawn and elegance. This suit was worn with some Chuck Taylors. Unconventional, but it works. That’s Miami for you.

20″ Blaque Diamond BD-77s in Rose Gold

Features of the BD-77 Wheels

This wheel features an untraditional 5-spoke design. Resembling a star-like shape with rounded edges, BD-77s are available in 2 tone black, silver with a brushed face, or any custom color the customer chooses. This wheel is available in 5 & 6 lug patterns for cars and SUVs.

Available Sizes

The BD-77 is available in the following sizes:
20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Vehicles That BD-77 Wheels Fit

With its boss-like presence, the wheel fits best on SUVs and large cars. This wheel is still diverse enough to look good on a wide variety of automobiles, however.

Take a look here: BD-77 Gallery

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2018 Mercedes-Benz E300 Sport on 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-77s in Rose Gold