Blaque Diamond Wheels Enters the 6 Lug Wheel Market

Blaque Diamond over the years has been known to produce some of the most unique designs in the aftermarket wheel game. Show-stopping designs such as the lightweight BD-F18, the urchin style BD-11, and the mesh inspired BD-27. This year, the Blaque Diamond team has decided to take a leap into an untapped market. True deep concave wheels for Trucks and SUVs.

In 2019, Blaque Diamond will be offering three of our exclusive wheels in a 6 lug bolt pattern. The BD-15, BD-77 and the BD-17/6 will all be offered in both 5 and 6 lug configurations. The beauty of offering the wheel in a 5 and 6 lug gives the opportunity to all car enthusiasts to really show their creative side when choosing their next wheel.

We have mounted our 6 lug wheel series on an array of different cars with different goals. First and foremost, our multi-lug wheels are perfect for truck applications. We have mounted a set of BD-17/6 on SUVs such as the infamous Cadillac Escalade, Ford F Series trucks, and the Lincoln Navigator along with a numerous amount of other trucks and SUVs.

Much like the car scene, the truck scene is growing into something we never expected. We want to be able to cater to the guys who want to stand out. When is the last time you’ve seen a bad truck with some deep concave wheels? Exactly! Setting ourselves apart from the competition has been one of our main goals since we started 10 years ago, and with the introduction of our new line, we plan on heading towards that goal even quicker by producing the best custom rims in the market.

Features of the BD-77 Wheels

This wheel features an untraditional 5-spoke design. Resembling a star-like shape with rounded edges, BD-77s are available in 2 tones black, silver with a brushed face, or any custom color wheels the customer chooses. This wheel is available in 5 & 6 lug patterns for cars and SUVs.

Available Sizes

The BD-77 is available in the following sizes:
20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Take a look here: BD-77 Gallery

Features of the BD-15 Wheels

Features of the BD-15 wheels include a 5 spoke design in standard silver with a machined finish. This wheel is also offered in a standard gloss black finish or can be customized to a customer’s color preference and specifications. Simple yet elegant. A first in 2019, Blaque Diamond offers this wheel in a 5 lug and 6 lug pattern, as well.

Available Sizes

The BD-15 is available in the following sizes:
20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Take a look here: BD-15 Gallery

Features of the BD-17/6 Wheels

The BD-17-6 with the 6 lug configuration, on the other hand, is an ideal fit for trucks and SUVs. With a demanding presence, you will outshine your competition and claim the respect you deserve. These wheels are perfect for trucks and SUVs, but also give that deep concave aggressive look to standard vehicles as well.

Available Sizes

The BD-17/5 is available in the following sizes:

Take a look here: BD-17/5 Gallery

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