Genesis G80 on BD-F18 That Needs To Be Seen

Shivaaz (@surinamevaaz) is no stranger when it comes to awesome builds. He and his team at Tread Marks in Miami, FL are constantly pushing out neck-breaking and mouth dropping builds from the stance scene to luxury big boys. One of the most intense builds is actually owned by Shivaaz himself. His 2016 Hyundai Genesis is truly a one of a kind piece of art.

First and foremost, we have to give it up to Shivaaz for pushing the limits and really putting together one of the most tantalizing color combos on a car that we have ever seen. This build starts with the wrap. A unique color called Ultra matte Blue by APA Amarica is the first thing you notice. Not like any other matte blue you’ve seen, this finish resembles what a chalkboard would look like as a wrap. It’s so flat, it almost looked like Photoshop in real life!

To really set this thing off, Shivaaz really went all in. The wheels! The wheels are the best part of this car! The Genesis is sitting on 20″ custom finished Polished Rose Gold Blaque Diamond BD-F18. What happens when you put that ultra-matte wrap against an extremity shiny wheel? Well, you get something that is truly a wonder to look at. The set up we decided to go with on this was simple. We wanted something deep and wide. The fronts are running a 20×10 on 225/35 tires and the rears are on 245/35’s on an 11″ wheel.

When it comes to stance, the boys at Tread Marks know exactly what needs to be done. The current set up on this ride is Air Force Suspension Strusts coupled with AirLift Performance 3P Management. Adding some more cosmetic touches, the rear diffuser by G4 Werkz adds just the right amount of aggression and style.

This Genesis is definitely one that needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate. You can catch Shivaaz and his denim Genesis at shows like TunerEvo and LowNClean.

Features of the BD-F18 Wheels

The BD-F18 is lighter, stronger, and more stylish than the competition. Whether you’re going for balls to wall performance or you are looking for that unique staggered style, the BD-F18 offers the best of both worlds. With a deep concave profile and pocketed spoke design, you are sure to make a statement no matter which ride they go on. The BD-F18 also features an exclusive Diamond Center Cap you won’t see anywhere else.

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