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Silver Rims

Silver wheels and rims

Crafted with a commitment to performance and luxury, Blaque Diamond’s selection of silver wheels puts a new spin on this classic color. Available in sizes 19” to 24” and built to fit a variety of models from popular makers including Audi, Chevrolet, and Ford, the silver wheels collection includes gloss wheels, multi-spoke wheels, and custom rims in aggressive and staggered fitments that will add a sleek edge to any vehicle.

Silver Paint Rims for Any Car

Metallic silver wheels are a tried and tested way to make any car look more luxurious. Blaque Diamond’s collection includes classic silver wheels to complement a silver-toned car, as well as eye-catching wheels that will stand out when fitted on a dark-colored vehicle. With a range of standard and custom finishes, our selection takes a fresh look at a shade that’s anything but neutral.

Silver Wheels Models

Stunning Line Of Custom Silver Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

BD1 Silver Wheels
silver wheels bd2
Blaque Diamond BD8 silver wheels
BD9 Silver Wheels Collection Page

Custom Made Silver Wheels and More

Available in different finishes, our innovative silver wheels conjure new, eye-catching effects with this classic color.

  • Hyper silver wheels have a metallic finish that is built up in two layers for a two-tone effect with added depth. This glossy, reflective finish will enhance the appearance of any car.
  • Black and silver rims made a statement, adding an extra dimension to your wheels for a distinctive aesthetic.
  • Silver chrome wheels take the brilliance to the max with a mirror-like shine for a dazzling impression. Standard options also include muted silver wheels with a chrome lip for an intriguing contrast of finishes.

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