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Two-Tone Black Wheels

Two-Tone Black Rims

Two-tone black wheels have an intriguing depth that gives any car a more sophisticated aesthetic. Produced with a commitment to quality and design and with an obsessive eye for detail, Blaque Diamond’s selection of two-tone rims includes innovative mesh wheels, sleek alloy wheels, and classic 5 lug wheels to fit cars from a wide array of makers. Not just great looking, these distinctive wheels boast exceptional performance too.

Custom Painted 2 tone black Wheels

With metallic highlights or eye-catching contrast accents, two-tone black rims have a luxury feel. The Blaque Diamond collection features custom rims in a variety of different finishes for a truly personalized addition to your vehicle. In sizes that range from 19” to 24” and available in staggered or aggressive fitments, these two-tone wheels will upgrade any ride with ease.

Two Tone Black Wheels

Stunning Line Of Custom Two Tone Black Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

bd 77 two tone black wheels
Blaque Diamond BD-21 Black

Custom color wheels

With options to customize your wheels with your choice of color and finish, why stick to just one color all over?

  • Split spoke and mesh wheels lend themselves well to the two tone treatment, with contrast colors or finishes highlighting the intricacies of the design.
  • Black with gunmetal grey makes a subtle, understated combination that looks sleek with a black or grey colored car.
  • For more of a contrast, silver panels or spokes really pop against a black wheel for added depth.
  • Deep dish wheels are a perfect canvas for two-tone colors. Using a different shade for the dish has an elegant shadow effect that will turn heads on the road.

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