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20'' Staggered Rims

Custom 20 Inch Staggered rims

When people start to consider new custom rim options, they typically start their search with how much bigger and wider can they go than their stock wheel setup. But bigger is not always better in the case of wheel fitment. At Blaque Diamond, we take pride in providing our customers with the proper knowledge of staggered fitments.

What Are Examples of 20" Staggered Fitments?

Back in the day, you would never see a car running a 20-inch wheel setup. Today, this look has become one of the most prominent in the wheel industry, where manufacturers are offering 20" wheels straight off the showroom floor. The only problem with these factory setups is that they tend to be on the conservative side. At Blaque Diamond, we offer 20" staggered wheels that will give your ride the aggressive stance you've been dreaming of. We offer widths up to 12 inches on our 20" wheel options.

20 Inch Staggered Wheels

Stunning Line Of Custom 20'' Staggered Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

BD1 Silver Wheels
Blaque Diamond BD-2 Silver
Blaque Diamond BD-3 Graphite
bd-8 wheels

So what are some typical Custom 20" staggered Rim options?

So what makes it so special:

  • Higher-end performance cars tend to run a 20×9 in the front with a much wider 20×12 in the rear. The reason for this is to provide as much of performance gain as possible. A wider wheel allows for a larger tire, both in the front and rear.
  • Your average Eco-friendly car these days can even benefit from a 20 inch staggered fitment. Take the Tesla Model 3 for example. You can up-size the standard 18×8.5 wheels to a 20×9 and still go wider. We fit the Tesla Model 3 with a 20×9 front and 20×10 rear all day long.
  •   Trucks and SUVs can also run a staggered fitment. Blaque Diamond carries both 5 lug wheels and 6 lug wheels to accommodate for heavier vehicles.

Consult your fitment expert at Blaque Diamond to find out what the ideal fitment is for your vehicle.

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