2013 Ford Fusion fitted with 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-11s in Antique Bronze

Our idols today are trendsetters; they don’t fit in. They innovate; looking at things differently they take normal, everyday monotony and create something new. They make “IT” their own. To sum it up, they have vision. For example, 5 years ago, this economical passenger car was just another 2013 Ford Fusion. Today, it’s a heavily modified low rider that looks like its aggressive facade is meant to buck against the status quo.

This apostate 4-door sedan features a litany of modifications, some of which will be excluded for the sake of brevity. Starting with the exterior, Frenchys Customs’ retrofitted headlights and LED fog lights give this vehicle its menacing gaze. On the lower front left and right vents, LED strips are added for running lights while Titanium LED taillights cover the rear. 5Hundred Designs has contributed to this project by adding the slatted upper and lower grills, the shark fin antenna, and the paint matching emblems. A Stillen front lip adds to this assertive look while the rear spoiler is factory sourced. To round out the exterior, the roof and trunk fascia are wrapped in gloss black, the window trim is painted gloss black, and the mirror caps are covered in our favorite plastic… carbon fiber, courtesy of Cactus Composites.

Making our way to the drivetrain, the exhaust features a catalyst and muffler delete executed by Rebel Devil Customs. To increase intake air density and volume (which increases horsepower), a CP-E intercooler as been installed as well as a Velossa Tech Big Mouth intake. Lowering and lifting the chassis as close to the grown as possible, an Air Lift Performance 3H air suspension has been tasked with the heavy lifting. R1 Concepts has provided drilled and slotted rotors as well as Ceramic Series brake pads.

And now, to the crown jewel of the modifications; no modified ride is complete without some custom wheels. Blaque Diamonds BD-11 wheels have been tasked with the job of bringing this ride’s look together. Mission Accomplished. This 10 spoke design looks like it was meant for the “squat”, a term used to describe vehicles that sit close to the grown. This is a simple design, but the protruding spine of each spoke reinforces this car’s rapacious nature, not the family sedan persona the engineers designed it to be.

Given a custom paint job, the BD-11 rims were made to compliment the factory smoke grey paint of the Fusion. Remember that word vision? These 19 inches of “head-turning power” make sure no one glances over this chariot. To accentuate the blade-like nature of the wheels, low profile Continental ExtremeContact tires were applied. At the end of the day, these rims were designed for the same reason the 2013 Fusion was customized, to express individuality and nonconformance with the mainstream mundane.

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Features of the BD-11 wheels
This urchin-like design features a 10 spoke design. The center of each spoke project outward for a short length, adding to the depth and assailing nature of the wheel. Finishes include gloss silver, gloss black, and antique bronze; however, they can be custom painted to any specification the customer desires. 5 lug designs are available for this rim for car and SUV fitments.

Sizes Available
The BD-11 is available in the following sizes:
19×8.5 / 19×9.5 – 20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Vehicles That BD-11 Wheels Fit
These wheels look best in small sizes on imports and low stanced cars. However, this simple design lends itself well to multiple applications. In larger sizes, SUVs and executive sedans will obtain a sharp and edgy look if fitted with these wheels.

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2013 Ford Fusion fitted with 20 Blaque Diamond BD-11s - Blaque Diamond Wheels


2013 Ford Fusion fitted with 20 Blaque Diamond BD-11s - Blaque Diamond Wheels