This Chevy Corvette C8 is a gorgeous example of the Rapid Blue factory color. The boldness of the colors and the lines of the C8 match perfectly with a model like the F25. The split 5-spoke BD-F25 keeps the factory BBK front and center, instead of tucking it away. Since the owner went with a bold color with the car, he wanted to contrast the car and go with something stealthy with the gloss black.

The F25 is one of our most popular designs for the C8. The lines of the wheel is able to be consistent with the wow-factor of the Corvette C8 . For someone who is looking for a design that takes the look of the car to a new level, the Blaque Diamond BD-F25 is the perfect choice. A proper staggered fitment of the F25s on the C8, is all that is needed to keep the car looking unique on the streets. This C8 is running 20” front and 20” staggered fitment, but we have done other sizes to accommodate the owner’s preferences such as 19”Front 20” Rear and also 20” Front with 21” Rear set ups.

The BD-F25 is available from 19s-24s, all with custom finishes and fitments available for any vehicle. The wide range of sizes available means we can fit anything from a sport compact, to supercars, to SUVs that can rock the design. Standard finishes include the gloss black pictured, along with brushed silver.


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2022 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Blue 


Wheel Style / Config

BD-F25 / Flow Forged Series 


Wheel Finish

Gloss Black


Wheel Size

Front: 20×9″ / Rear: 20×12″