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2020 C8 Corvette on custom finished F25 wheels

c8 corvette aftermarket wheels

The C8 Corvette took the automotive world by storm upon its debut, quickly becoming one of the hottest selling cars in recent memory. With its sleek and striking design, the Corvette captivated enthusiasts worldwide. While undeniably stunning in its stock form, the true transformation happens when you upgrade to aftermarket wheels. Our BD-F25 wheel stands as our most popular design amongst C8 owners, elevating the car’s aesthetics and performance to unparalleled heights. Countless C8 owners have chosen our wheels over competitors, drawn to the perfect blend of style, quality, and performance that Blaque Diamond offers. Join the ranks of those who have unlocked the full potential of their Corvette with our premium wheels.

2020 C8 Corvette on custom finished F25 wheels - Blaque Diamond Wheels

custom finished c8 corvette wheels

Crafted to perfection, our BD-F25 wheel is the epitome of sleek sophistication, setting itself apart from the competition with its distinctive design and lightweight construction. Engineered for optimal performance, the BD-F25 seamlessly complements the C8 Corvette platform, enhancing both its aesthetics and handling capabilities. With a custom polished rose gold finish, the BD-F25 exudes elegance and luxury, making a bold statement on the road. Available in a staggered setup of 20×9 in the front and 20×12 in the rear, these wheels are paired with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (245/30/20 front, 325/25/20 rear), ensuring exceptional grip and responsiveness in every turn. Upgrade to the BD-F25 and experience the perfect fusion of style and performance for your C8 Corvette.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 on Blaque Diamond F25 wheels in a Polished Rose Gold finish.

c8 corvette fitment

Our team of fitment experts went through extensive in-house testing to find the perfect offset and fitment for the C8, and the result speaks for itself. Many C8 owners end up getting spacers in the rear to try to get perfect fitment, running spacers on your car may be a quick fix, but it will never hold up to the aggressive concave look and safety of a well-fit wheel on all four corners. We achieved a perfect flush fitment with the widest possible wheel and tire setup for the C8.

Custom Finish Program

Discover the endless customization possibilities with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Finish program. Our vast network of wheel finish specialists offers unlimited options, including powder coating, gloss, matte, chrome, OEM color matched, anodized, brushed, and more. Transform your wheels into unique works of art that reflect your style. Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Finish program.

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Custom Drilling/ Test Fit

Experience the perfection of custom wheels with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Test Fit and Custom Drilling programs. Our commitment to precision and customization sets us apart. Our Custom Test Fit program ensures a flawless fit and optimal performance by utilizing our team of fitment experts to test multiple offsets and profiles during an in-house test fitting process. Our Custom Drilling program allows for exact offsets and custom bolt patterns, accommodating even the most specific requirements. Don’t settle for less—choose Blaque Diamond Wheels for unmatched style and performance.

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Additional Fitment Details

If you wish to find out more about offsets for the car, please feel free to contact our team. We are also able to accommodate custom fitments, bolt patterns, and finishes as per our customer’s requests If you have any requests for custom fitments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of fitment experts for more information.

Here are some fitment details:

  • Wheel Model – BD F25
  • Wheel Finish – Polished Rose Gold
  • Wheel Size Front – 20 × 9
  • Wheel Size Rear – 20 × 12
  • Tire Model Front – Michelin Pilot Sport 4s
  • Tire Model Rear – Michelin Pilot Sport 4s
  • Tire Size Front – 245/30/ZR20
  • Tire Size Rear – 325/25/ZR20

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