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Custom 5 Spoke Wheels and Rims

Find the best 5 Spoke wheels for your vehicle from Blaque Diamond, a premium provider of high quality rims for a range of vehicle models and manufacturers. From Audis and BMWs to Mercedes, Range Rover, Hyundai, and Ford, we can fit your vehicle with some of the finest 5 spoke rims on the market. Choose from an array of beautiful colors, eye-catching designs, and stunning styles to get the five spoke wheels you truly want.

Buy 5 Star Wheels from Blaque Diamond

Blaque Diamond can help you find the right wheels for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for 5 spoke concave wheels for an Audi or chrome 5 spoke rims for a Mercedes-Benz, we can meet your needs. Buy from Blaque Diamond to enjoy a vast and varied range of products and peerless customer service from start to finish.

Custom 5 Spoke Wheels Models

Stunning line of custom 5 spoke rims with an attractive look and compatible performance

Blaque Diamond BD-21 Silver
Blaque Diamond BD8 silver wheels

Why Do Car Wheels Have 5 Spokes?

When observing most cars on the roads around you, it’s easy to notice that many of them make use of 5 spoke wheels. It’s quite common to have five spokes on each rim, and there are a few reasons behind this. 

  • The main reason behind five spoke wheels is for their beauty. The design is attractive, stylish, and sleek, giving cars of all kinds a great look. 
  • Another reason behind star wheels is the fact that they’re easy and efficient to make when compared to wheels with higher numbers of spokes. 
  • A final reason is the fact that five is something of a ‘golden number’ for general spoke strength and wheel durability, helping your rims last for ride after ride.

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