2011 Nissan 370z Nismo fitted with 20 inch BD-3’s in Gloss Black

Many would consider the Nissan 370z one of the best new JDM cars on the market, and this one takes it up a notch with the Nismo performance package and full Varis body kit. The body kit comes with a new front bumper, rear bumper, front quarter panels, side skirts, and massive rear wing.  We decided […]

2016 Lexus RCF fitted with 20 inch BD-23’s in Silver with Chrome SS Lip

It is difficult to find another car make that suits the look of our wheels better than the 2016 Lexus RCF. The design language of the car matches perfectly with the aesthetic of our wheels, meaning nearly each one of our wheels will look majestic on the Lexus RC platform. The curving yet sharp and […]

2016 Lexus RCF on Bronze Blaque Diamond Wheels BD11

2016 Lexus RCF fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Matte Antique Bronze   Though it may not look it, this Lexus RCF is relatively highly modified, and the owner still isn’t close to being finished. The car’s modifications include RSR coilovers, Takeda intake, APEX-i throttle controller, and a resonator delete, just to name a few. […]