Custom Drilled Wheels: Precision and Personalization for Your Vehicle

Blaque Diamond Custom Drilled Wheels Shaving

What are custom-drilled wheels? Custom drilling wheels is the process of creating a bolt pattern on a wheel that is not available as a standard option. This is often necessary for vehicles with unique bolt patterns or when a custom bolt pattern is desired for aesthetic or performance reasons.

2016 Mercedes Benz S560 on 22″ Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Gloss Black

2016 Mercedes Benz S560 on 22" Blaque Diamond BD-11 Wheels in Gloss Black

  The pinnacle of luxury. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has always been the most luxurious sedan offered by the German car maker. With premium quality materials used all over the spacious interior and a handcrafted engine, you  really couldn’t ask for more out of the S. With a variety of different trim levels and engines specs to choose […]

2018 Ford F-150 SXT on Concave 24″ Blaque Diamond BD-15

2016 Mercedes Benz S560 on 22 Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Gloss Black - Blaque Diamond Wheels

The BD-15 is one of the most versatile wheels in the Blaque Diamond line. Offered in both 5 and 6 lug configurations, the vehicles these wheels can be mounted on is virtually endless. We’ve mounted a set on the likes of a Lamborghini Huracan, Camaro ZL1, Jeep Rubicon and today, we have mounted them on […]

Blaque Diamond Wheels Enters the 6 Lug Wheel Market

A 2017 Cadillac Escalade on BD17-6 Gloss Black Wheels

Blaque Diamond over the years has been known to produce some of the most unique designs in the aftermarket wheel game. Show stopping designs such as the lightweight BD-F18, the urchin style BD-11 and the mesh inspired BD-27. This year, the Blauqe Diamond team has decided to take a leap into an untapped market. True […]

2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo on 22″ Blaque Diamond BD-9

A 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo on 22" Blaque Diamond BD-9

Roughly 10 years ago, Porsche decided it would be a great idea to release a four door luxury sedan to compete with the likes of Mercedes and BMW. This was new for Porsche, so obviously they didn’t get it right the first time around. The first generation Panamera was interesting to look at. You really […]

2019 Maserati GranTurismo on 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-F18

A 2019 Maserati GT with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Bronze Wheels

Maserati has always been mysterious. Everyone’s heard of Maserati, but do you really know what it is? When you think Italian sports cars, Lamborghini and Ferrari jump to mind right away. So where does the Maserati fit in? First thing is first, the Maserati GranTurismo is absolutely stunning. No matter what angle you look at […]

2014 Ford Fusion fitted with 20 inch BD1’s in Trans Copper

2014 Ford Fusion fitted with 20 inch BD1’s in Trans Copper   Most people would consider a Ford Fusion to be a commuter car, but our friend Ronnie thought otherwise. Instead of keeping his car boring, he decided to dump it on Air Lift Performance air bags to give it the most aggressive stance possible. […]

Blaque Diamond Attends Hot Import Nights in San Pedro!

Hot Imports nights was held in San Pedro last week and Blaque Diamond turned a few heads with three decked out cars. We featured: 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport (lowered) fitted with 20 inch BD-23’s, 20 x 10 at the front and 20 x 11 at the rear in silver with chrome ss lip. 2015 […]