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Blaque Diamond | CarPro Quartz Classic Ceramic Coating

BLAQUE DIAMOND | CARPRO CQuartz Classic Ceramic Coating   Based on the original CQuartz technology. CQuartz UK was developed in the United Kingdom for use in cold, damp climates where most nanotechnology coatings typically struggle. A new fast flashing carrier was used to enhance curing in difficult conditions, and the silica-quartz content was increased to […]

2013 Ford Fusion fitted with 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-11s in Antique Bronze

Our idols today are trendsetters; they don’t fit in. They innovate; looking at things differently they take normal, everyday monotony and create something new. They make “IT” their own. To sum it up, they have vision. For example, 5 years ago, this economical passenger car was just another 2013 Ford Fusion. Today, it’s a heavily […]

2016 BMW M6 fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Gloss Black

2016 BMW M6 fitted with 20 inch BD11’s in Gloss Black Here at Blaque Diamond we love to see our wheels on the fastest and coolest cars possible and this M6 may take the cake. Recently the car took 2nd place at Shift Sector, pushing 700+ horsepower on E85  with upgraded turbos. Despite the insane […]