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Achieve the perfect Fitment

Custom fitment refers to the process of tailoring wheels to perfectly match the specifications of a particular vehicle. Ensuring an optimal and precise fit. At we excel in custom fitment through our in-house machining facility. Utilizing advanced techniques such as back pad shaving. Open hub machining and custom drilling we meticulously adjust the wheels to achieve the ideal fit for each vehicle.

Choose your fitment

When selecting your preferred fitment, whether tucked, flush, or poked, consider the visual aesthetics and performance; see below for examples.

Tucked fitment isn't as common, often indicating a miscalculation in offset measurements, usually occurring when there's excessive positive offset, causing the wheel to sit further inward, but preferences vary among enthusiasts. Most Tucked fitments are usually found on vehicles that are on air suspension, but some seek this fitment for its practicality. Tucked fitment may save you the headache of messing with offset measurements, giving you a more practical OEM Fitment.
The Flush Fitment earns its name because the wheels align perfectly with the fender, making it the most prevalent choice. While versatile, adjusting tire sizes with this fitment demands precise measurements to avoid unintentional Tuck or Poke appearances. Opting for a Flush Fitment enhances performance and reduces the need for additional modifications, offering a straightforward and sleek aesthetic with several advantages. Here at Blaque Diamond, flush is our preferred fitment choice.
Poke fitment often arises unintentionally, usually occurring when the offset is too low, but for those intentionally pursuing this style, there are notable advantages. Originating from drag racers fitting larger tires on their rear ends, this trend evolved with wider tire fitments, particularly embraced by muscle cars, making a significant impact in the automotive world. While this aesthetic peaked in popularity during the 90s and early 2000s. It still appeals to enthusiasts who believe it complements their vehicle's appearance.

The machining process

Ever wonder how we achieve the perfect fitment? It involves meticulous steps like back pad shaving, open hub machining, and custom drilling to ensure optimal alignment and aesthetics.

Back Pad Shaving

To achieve your desired wheel offset, we offer precise back pad shaving using CNC machining. The process involves carefully removing material from the back of the wheel to adjust its position on the vehicles hub.

Open Hub Machining

Open hub machining involves carefully modifying the wheels center bore for a hub-centric fit, meaning the wheel centers directly on the vehicles hub to avoid the vibration issues.

Custom Drilling

We stock un-drilled “Wheel Blanks” that are ready to be customized using our HAASVF-5SS drilling machine to match any vehicles unique bolt pattern. This approach ensures you’re not restricted to pre-drilled options that may not be the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Fitment examples

This section showcases some of our favorite fitment examples, providing insight into our past projects and expertise.