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Gloss Black Wheels

Custom Made Gloss Black wheels

Sleek and innovative, gloss black wheels from Blaque Diamond make a statement on any vehicle. Our collection includes 5 lug wheels, multi-spoke wheels, and mesh wheels in sizes from 19” to 24” and built to fit cars from popular makers including Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Manufactured with an obsessive eye for detail, these high-performance wheels have a standout aesthetic on the road.

Custom color wheel

At Blaque Diamond, we produce a wide range of high-quality after buy wheels in a variety of custom colors and finishes. With a sleek high shine in a dramatic shade of black, our gloss black wheels complement an array of cars in any color and make a popular choice when you’re looking for a distinctive set of wheels to elevate your vehicle.

Gloss Black Wheels Models

Stunning Line Of Custom Gloss Black Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

Blaque Diamond BD1 Front
Blaque Diamond BD2 gloss black
Blaque Diamond BD-9 Gloss Black
BD- 9
Blaque Diamond BD-11 Gloss Black

Gloss black rims paint for any vehicle

Whatever the make and model of vehicle, glossy finish ramps up the power of black wheels, and gloss black plastic dip wheels are gaining in popularity on the road. Here’s how to make them work for any car.

  • Black wheels are the classic option for trucks and heavier SUVs, lending them a tough, rugged effect. The glossy finish adds extra drama.
  • When it comes to sports cars, black wheels make an eye-catching choice. Black makes your wheels look bigger and lends an aggressive feel, hinting at the power of the car.
  • Tone on tone is always an elegant option, and black wheels complement a black car perfectly. But don’t be afraid to add black wheels to a light-colored car to really make them stand out.

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