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Graphite wheels

In a luxurious dark grey that looks sleek in any setting, graphite wheels are a sophisticated choice for your car. Blaque Diamond produces luxury afterbuy wheels in this deep shade of grey to fit a wide range of models from makers including BMW, Audi, and Ford. In sizes ranging from 19” to 24” to fit a variety of vehicles, these distinctive wheels will elevate your ride every time.

Custom Paint Graphite Rims

With a commitment to manufacturing high-quality wheels that deliver both superior performance and a striking aesthetic, Blaque Diamond offers a variety of options for car connoisseurs who love the look of graphite wheel paint. Our collection includes multi-spoke wheels, mesh wheels, 5 lug wheels, and more, available in standard and custom colors and finishes for when only graphite grey will do.

Graphite Wheels Models

Stunning Line Of Custom Graphite Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance


Graphite grey wheel

Graphite grey wheels send a strong signal. Here’s why they complement every color of car.

  • A medium shade of grey that’s slightly lighter than gunmetal, graphite is a popular paint color for cars, and the collection at Blaque Diamond offers plenty of innovative wheels in a color to match.
  • The neutral tones of Dupli-Color® graphite wheel paint make a sophisticated pairing with black and white, as well as adding a luxurious touch to brighter shades like red and yellow.
  • Subdued shades of blue are trending on the roads, as discerning drivers looking for an alternative to black, white, and grey that’s subtle but still stands out. In cool mid-grey, graphite wheels make an elegant option for a look that commands respect.

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