2018 Cadillac Escalade x BD-15

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Sometimes, to change the game you don’t need much; especially when you’re already sitting at the top of the food chain. Take the Big Mac for instance, it’s that special sauce that makes all the difference. For now, the Cadillac Escalade is still the king of SUVs, instantly adding mounds of sauce to the person seen piloting the mammoth body-on-frame iron chariot. But, if all things are equal, how does an Escalade separate itself from the neighbors playing “keeping up with the Joneses”. 

Galpin Auto Sports found the secret sauce to giving the 2018 Cadillac Escalade even more personality. Its success lies in the four corners of the vehicles’ foundation: the wheels. Customized with Blaque Diamond 24” BD-15 wheels finished in gloss black, the subtle hint of swag creates a chasm between it and factory vehicles. To customize means you possess a sense of vision others don’t, and to do it tastefully can put you in a class of one.

Being classy is a lifestyle, and that’s what his BD-15 wheel embodies. The star-like shape of the rims is a classic and timeless design. The subtle taper of the spokes add to the bold, yet simple and refined visage. Versatility is a core strength of this wheelset, as it stands out on a date-nite on a luxury vehicle, as well as on a tuner looking for an edgy finish. Whether in 20s or 24s, an imported racer or an S-class, this rim refuses to downplay its posh and sporty character.

Features of the BD-15 Wheels

Features of the BD-15 wheels include a 5 spoke design in standard silver with a machined finish. This wheel is also offered in a standard gloss black finish or can be customized to a customer’s color preference and specifications.  Simple yet elegant. A first in 2018, Blaque Diamond offers this wheel in a 5 lug and 6 lug pattern, as well.   Black Diamond Wheels BD-15

Vehicles That BD-15 Wheels Fit

The only limit is the sizes offered. Given that these 5 spoke designed rims gives off a clean aesthetic, the BD-15 wheel looks great on muscle cars, exotics, luxury, and even economy cars wanting to stand out. It’s like having a good pair of black shoes, you can never go wrong. To illustrate the wide range of applications for this wheel, Blaque Diamond has a gallery with this design being used on large SUVs as well as muscle cars and coupes.

Take a look here: BD-15 Gallery If you have any questions about our wheels, company, or something else, please call us at (818) 362-2250 or email us at info@blaquediamond.com.