The Last “Real” Chevy Z06 on Custom Manufactured BD-F18 Wheels

The Z06 was designed to be the ultimate driver’s car – an expression of pure raw performance. Chevy developed the Z06 based off their C7.R race car which is clearly evident when you take a look at the ridiculous specs packed into this beast. The Z06 comes equipped with a supercharged aluminum 6.2L V8 engine that boasts and impressive 0-60 time in just under 3 seconds! With a technologically advanced transmission, the Z06 offers an 8-speed automatic and an interesting, but very fun, 7-speed manual.

Included in Car & Drivers TOP 10 Best cars, the Z06 get’s even better when Blaque Diamond gets its hands-on one. The Z06 is one tough cookie, finding the proper fitment for the beast is no easy task. After countless hours, the geniuses at BD Wheels were able to get the absolute perfect fitment dialed in for both comfortable daily driving and tire-shredding track fun!

There are a ton of wheels in the BD line up that qualify to be run on the Z06, but the BD-F18 is by far the wheel for a workhorse. Lightweight and super wide, the F18 is right at home when mounted. We opted to go as fat and as wide as we possibly could. The front wheels are a 20×10 and the rears are a 20×12. To keep this rear end planted, the custom rims are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports with 275/30/20’s in the front and wide 325/25/20’s in the rear.

The final product is something truly special. The bright white paint job complemented by all the gloss black accents really makes this Chevy stand out from the bunch. It’s not trying too hard to be seen, but you definitely will notice this monster once it’s in your presence. With the low aggressive stance, the Z06 is ready to pounce on command. You might get a cut just looking at the thing. So sharp!

Features of the BD-F18 Wheels

The BD-F18 is lighter, stronger, and more stylish than the competition. Whether you’re going for balls to wall performance or you are looking for that unique staggered wheels style, the BD-F18 offers the best of both worlds. With a deep concave profile and pocketed spoke design, you are sure to make a statement no matter which ride they go on. The BD-F18 also features an exclusive Diamond Center Cap you won’t see anywhere else.

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