The Last of a Dying Breed | The Cadillac ATS-V

After a long life, Cadillac has finally decided to end the CTS and ATS era. These two cars were among the best within their classes, especially at the “V” level. Outperforming the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, the C/ATS-V’s were a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, it looks like the replacement models (CT4 and CT5) will live up to their predecessors. From what we know so far, they are going to be just as good, if not better than the current models.

Lucky for us, here at Blaque Diamond we have had the opportunity to work with many of these cars fitting different wheels with various levels of aggression when it comes to fitment. The last ATS-V we worked on, in collaboration with Genesis 1 Auto Concepts, is by far one of our favorites.

This ATS-V is running our All-New Blaque Diamond BD-F18. Fitted with a 20×9 in the front sporting 255/30 Hankooks and 20×10 in the rear on meaty 275/30s. At first glance, you know these wheels have had some custom work done. The boys over at Gen 1 were able to custom finish this F18 in a transparent gold leaving us with this stunning “Brushed Gold” finish. The contrast between the deep black paint of the ATS and the bright gold wheels really makes this car pop!

Aside from the custom wheels, this ATS has various modifications to the body including a front lip, rear diffuser, interior work along with suspension and performance mods.

Features of the BD-F18

The BD-F18 is lighter, stronger, and more stylish than the competition. Whether you’re going for balls to wall performance or you are looking for that unique staggered style, the BD-F18 offers the best of both worlds. With a deep concave profile and pocketed spoke design, you are sure to make a statement no matter which ride they go on. The BD-F18 also features an exclusive Diamond Center Cap you won’t see anywhere else.

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