Range Rover HSE fitted with 24″ Blaque Diamond BD-11s in Gloss Black

Range Rover HSE fitted with 24 BD-11s in Gloss Black - Blaque Diamond Wheels

Land Rover, a British marque with a military and off-road pedigree. These vehicles have a credible history as being used to traverse the roughest terrain during the most trying times. Now, it’s a new day. Wars are no longer being fought in the marshes of an asian jungle, or the sands of a Middle Eastern oil producing state. Today’s war is an onslaught on those that dare to rise to challenge the prowess and reputation of the highly esteemed automaker. Today’s war is being waged on the urban asphalt of Townsville and on the suburban pavement of Main St. For this war, a new mode of transport is needed. Something still capable enough to get the job done, but able to do it while the passengers rest in absolute luxury.

That new form of transportation comes wrapped in black, grey, and white camouflage as a Range Rover HSE. Dirty Devil Customs, based in the City of Angels, made sure this Range wouldn’t blend in as it does its battle on the streets of LA. They also took measures to keep operatives safe from the heat and UV radiation of terrorist sun rays by applying tint all the way around. Another contractor was hired to ensure the Range Rover HSE was ready for field duty. That objective was given to VIBE Motorsports. VIBE upgraded the spec with 24” Blaque Diamond BD-11 wheels finished in gloss black, and wrapped them in Nexen tires.

Range Rover HSE fitted with 24 BD-11s in Gloss Black - Blaque Diamond Wheels

Blaque Diamond’s BD-11 wheels have been tasked with the job of bringing this ride’s look together. Mission Accomplished. The 10 spoke design looks like it was meant for combat. This is a simple design, but the protruding spine of each spoke reinforces this car’s lethal nature as a street killer. The black finish of the wheels juxtaposes the bright red of the brake calipers, representing the blood of the fallen SUVs that have succumbed to the Range Rover. Don’t just win the battle at the red light, win the war in the parking lot. BD-11s, never go into battle without them.

Features of the BD-11 wheels
This urchin-like design features a 10 spoke design. The center of each spoke project outward for a short length, adding to the depth and assailing nature of the wheel. Finishes include gloss silver, gloss black, and antique bronze; however, they can be custom painted to any specification the customer desires. 5 lug designs are available for this rim for car and SUV fitments.

Sizes Available
The BD-11 is available in the following sizes:
19×8.5 / 19×9.5 – 20×9 / 20×10 / 20×11 – 22×9 / 22×10.5 – 24×9 / 24×10

Vehicles That BD-11 Wheels Fit
These wheels look best in small sizes on imports and low stanced cars. However, this simple design lends itself well to multiple applications. In larger sizes, SUVs and executive sedans will obtain a sharp and edgy look if fitted with these wheels.

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Range Rover HSE fitted with 24 BD-11s in Gloss Black - Blaque Diamond Wheels