2012 Mustang GT 5.0 with 20inch staggered silver BD-4

This 2013 Race Red Mustang GT is pure muscle sitting on 20” plates. The owner, Herman, is a loyal friend of ours and is a total gear head. He knows how to keep a car looking aggressive, with a mean stance and mods like a short throw shifter and Borla exhaust that rumbles at idle and screams as he pushes on the throttle. The silver BD-4 wheels with polished face really pop against the Race Red and was the only touch that was missing from his car to set it apart from all the other Stangs on the road. You can spot him around Porter Ranch, and I say move over if you see him on the road – this GT will disappear from your rear view, zoom past your side view, and glisten in the far distance ahead of you.

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