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2018 Tesla Model X P100D on 24″ Blaque Diamond BD-15

Tesla model X on 24s


Close your eyes and imagine 770 horsepower and 790 lb-ft of torque. Now imagine all that power roaring down a 1/4-mile drag strip. What’s the first car that comes to your mind when you hear numbers like that? Hellcat? McLaren? Lamborghini? Ferrari?! Well, if you guessed any of those, you’d be wrong. You’d be very wrong. Today, we are talking about the fully electric Tesla Model X P100D. The Tesla doesn’t even roar, it’s like a spaceship from a different planet. One second you see it, the next its gone like a UFO. With impressive 0-60 times in any class, the Model X can clock 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds! But it’s not all about coma-inducing performance, this is a family SUV after all.
The P100D is packed with a 100kWh lithium-ion battery giving power to two different motors driven through a single-speed gear box that drives all 4 wheels. The battery on this electric sleeper can guarantee you a range of 300 miles when you’re on a full charge. How long does it take to achieve full charge you ask? Well, if you enable fastcharge, you can expect a full charge in just 45 minutes.
Tesla model X on 24s
The styling is simple and elegant, but that’s where Blaque Diamond steps in and adds just enough spark to really make the Model X shine! Equip with one of Blaque Diamond’s newer offerings, the Red multi-coat Model X is sitting on 24″ Gloss Black BD-15. The BD Wheels Model X is one of the first, if not THE first X on 24″ wheels.
The BD-15s are wrapped in 285/30ZR24 Pirelli P Zero Nero. No expenses were spared on this build. We wanted something that would turn heads every time you saw it coming down the street. With the 24″ BD-15s, we definitely achieved our goal.

Tesla model X on 24sFeatures of the BD-15 Wheels

Features of the BD-15 wheels include a 5 spoke design in standard silver with a machined finish. This wheel is also offered in a standard gloss black finish or can be customized to a customer’s color preference and specifications.  Simple yet elegant. A first in 2019, Blaque Diamond offers this wheel in a 5 lug and 6 lug pattern, as well.

Vehicles That BD-15 Wheels Fit

The only limit is the sizes offered. Given that this 5 spoke design gives off a clean aesthetic, the BD-15 wheel looks great on muscle cars, exotics, luxury and even economy cars wanting to stand out. It’s like having a good pair of black shoes, you can never go wrong. To illustrate the wide range of applications for this wheel, Blaque Diamond has a gallery with this design being used on large SUVs as well as muscle cars and coupes.

Take a look here: BD-15 Gallery
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Tesla model X on 24s

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