A Young Man and his Audi A6 on 20″ Blaque Diamond BD-11

Audi A6 on 20 Blaque Diamond BD-11 - Blaque Diamond Wheels
Nikita is a young man trying to make a name in this world like the rest of us. He’s a headstrong business minded individual who is offering his expertise in the world of graphic design and web development (@Modernwebmedia) Because of his profession, he understands what it takes to stand out from the norm and make his vision seen by the masses. This doesn’t just end with his business, His passion is translated into the way he built his car. A true extension of himself.
Audi A6 on 20 Blaque Diamond BD-11 - Blaque Diamond Wheels
Nikita owns a Matador Red Audi A6. To take this build to the next level, he knew there was only one way that would truly make his ride as unique as he is. Throw on a set of Blaque Diamond Wheels. To show off an aggressive stance, the BD-11 was the ideal wheel. With the deep 10 spoke design finished in the standard Antique Bronze, this wheel is destined to turn heads on the big red body of the Audi.
The wheel specifications on this set up are:
-Blaque Diamond BD-11 in Antique Bronze
-20×10 Front and Rear to support the Quattro system Audi is famous for
-255/35/20 on all corners
Audi A6 on 20 Blaque Diamond BD-11 - Blaque Diamond Wheels
Features of the BD-11
This urchin-like wheel features a 10 spoke design. The center of each spoke project outward for a short length, adding to the depth and assailing nature of the wheel. The BD-11 is right at home on cars looking for that simple, yet eye-catching design that will add that deep aggressive concave look.
You’ll see the BD-11 on cars with air suspension that are slammed and are aiming for that stance look, but on the same note, the BD-11 is classy and will compliment the highest of luxury vehicles. The BD-11 comes standard in an antique bronze finish

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