BD-17-6 | 2018 Model

BD-17 BD-17
BD-17 BD-17
BD-17 BD-17

BD-17-6 |


The flow forming process maintains the integrity of the design, while also improving the grain-structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and considerably thinner forged-like rim barrel. Flow forming is the response to our market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance the overall vehicle driving experience.

Available Sizes


6 Lug SUV Fitments

Standard Finishes

Silver with Machined Face | Gloss Black

The BD-17 is one of Blaque Diamond’s more unique set of wheels. This wheel is offered in both a 5 (BD-17-5) and 6 (BD-17-6) split spoke design to accommodate 5 and 6 lug bolt patterns. The BD-17-5 is for those who want to capture that aggressive, yet elegant split spoke to design to compliment the curves of their ride.

The BD-17-6 with the 6 lug configuration on the other hand, is an ideal fit for trucks and SUVs. With a demanding presence, you will out shine your competition and claim the respect you deserve. These wheels are perfect for trucks and SUVs, but also give that deep concave aggressive look to standard vehicles as well.

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