BD-23 | 2017 Model

BD-23 Silver Front BD-23 Silver Front
BD-23 Silver Side BD-23 Silver Side
BD-23 Bronze Front BD-23 Bronze Front
BD-23 Bronze Side BD-23 Bronze Side
BD-23 Black Front BD-23 Black Front
BD-23 Black Side BD-23 Black Side

BD-23 |


The flow forming process maintains the integrity of the design, while also improving the grain-structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger, lighter, and considerably thinner forged-like rim barrel. Flow forming is the response to our market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance the overall vehicle driving experience.

Available Sizes

20×9 – 20×10 – 20×11

22×9 – 22×10.5

Aggressive Fitment

Standard Finishes

Silver w/Chrome SS Lip | Gloss Black w/ Chrome SS Lip | Matte Bronze w/Chrome SS Lip

Blaque Diamond’s classy wishbone inspired wheel is titled the BD-23. The design of this wheel is completely mesmerizing. The extreme concave profile visually projects the design toward the onlooker. This is especially true when equipped with the chrome SS lip.

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