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Bronze Wheels

Custom Bronze wheels

Less in-your-face than gold but with a warm, rich sheen, bronze wheels bring a luxury aesthetic to any ride. The bronze collection at Blaque Diamond showcases our commitment to quality and performance, with innovative bronze 5 lug wheels, deep-dish wheels, multi-spoke wheels, and more to elevate your vehicle. In a variety of custom finishes, these metallic wheels will turn heads on the road without shouting about it.

Custom Paint Bronze Rims

The experts in luxury wheels, Blaque Diamond has a wide selection of bronze rims to fit cars from popular makers including Audi, Ford and BMW. Daring in design and constructed with a passion for quality and detail, our bronze wheels are available in sizes ranging from 19” to 24” and across a range of models. With a metallic gleam, these wheels will upgrade any vehicle.


Stunning Line Of Custom Bronze Rims With Attractive Look And Compatible Performance

Blaque Diamond BD-11 Antique Matte Bronze
bd-21 matte bronze with black lip
bd-23 bronze wheels with chrome ss lip
BD-27 made bronze wheels

Matte bronze wheels and more

In a variety of finishes, bronze wheels from Blaque Diamond make an elegant option for every kind of car.

  • Bronze wheel paint is a striking choice for a red car. The warmth of the bronze complements the red of the body beautifully, while the metallic sheen adds a luxury feel.
  • If bright gold feels like too much, bronze wheels make a discerning choice for a white or black car or SUV, keeping the metallic effect but toning it down just a notch.
  • Bronze lends itself to every level of shine. Matte bronze wheels offer an understated take on the look, but bronze chrome rims dial up the brilliance to really make the color pop with a mirror-like, gleaming finish that demands to be admired.

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