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2021 Tesla Model 3

BD-F29 / Flow Forged Series

Blaque Diamond BD-F29 Brushed Silver 5 Lug 20 inch Wheel Product Photo

2021 Tesla Model 3

BD-F29 / Flow Forged Series

Front: 20x10 & Rear: 20x11

Brushed Silver

Starting at $565

Join the Tesla revolution sweeping the automotive world, with these sleek electric wonders dominating roadways everywhere you look. Among them, the Tesla Model 3 stands tall as the pinnacle of entry-level luxury, catering to those seeking style and sustainability.

Picture this: a vibrant pink bagged 2021 Telsa Model 3, elegantly lowered and accentuated with our Brushed Silver F29 wheels from our renowned Flow Forged series. Witness how these wheels transform the Model 3, elevating its aesthetic appeal to new heights.

But it’s not just about looks. Our F29 wheels are engineered to perfection, offering not only stunning visual enhancements but also a significant reduction in weight compared to the factory OEM wheels. This translates to improved performance and efficiency, ensuring your Tesla experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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