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Elevate Your Driving Experience: The BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Wheels

THE BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18

When looking for a luxury SUV that seamlessly combines power, style, and performance, the 2022 BMW X7M stands in a class of its own. To elevate its already impressive capabilities, Blaque Diamond Wheels partnered with Shoreline Motoring, the renowned performance shop in Los Angeles, to create a truly exceptional driving machine. This BMW X7M is fitted with the exquisite Gloss Black Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Flow-Forged wheels in a 22″ diameter, rocking staggered flush fitment, boasting lightweight construction, flow-forged technology, and an undeniable touch of luxury. 

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A Matte Black 2022 BMW X7M on Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Gloss Black Wheels

High-Performance custom wheels - BMW X7M

The BD-F18 wheels in Gloss Black perfectly complement the BMW X7M’s sleek lines and bold aesthetics. With a size of 22 x 9 in the front and 22 x 10.5 in the rear, these wheels provide a balanced yet sporty stance, giving the X7M an undeniable road presence.

To ensure optimal performance and comfort, the BMW X7M is fitted with Continental PremiumContact 6 SSR tires. These high-performance tires are engineered to deliver exceptional grip, responsive handling, and a smooth ride. The front tires boast a size of 275/40/R22, striking a perfect balance between performance and comfort. Meanwhile, the rear tires measure 315/35/R22, offering enhanced traction and stability for spirited driving.

The combination of the BD-F18 wheels in Gloss Black finish and Continental PremiumContact 6 SSR tires take the BMW X7M to new heights of style and performance. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or taking on winding roads, this wheel and tire setup ensures an exhilarating driving experience.

Experience the fusion of elegance and athleticism with Blaque Diamond Wheels and the 2022 BMW X7M. Elevate your journey and make a bold statement with a wheel and tire combination that captures attention and delivers unmatched performance.


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A Matte Black 2022 BMW X7M on Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Gloss Black Wheels

Unleashing Performance

The BMW X7M is a powerhouse, and the collaboration between Blaque Diamond and Shoreline Motoring only enhances its performance capabilities. The BD-F18 wheels optimize the SUV’s handling and reduce unsprung weight, allowing drivers to conquer the road with confidence. Constructed using flow-forged technology, these wheels are exceptionally lightweight without compromising strength, providing the perfect balance between performance and durability.

Flow-Forged Technology

The BD-F18 wheels are a prime example of Blaque Diamond’s commitment to engineering excellence. Through their innovative flow-forged technology, the wheels undergo a high-pressure flow-forming process that stretches and compresses the aluminum alloy, aligning its internal grain structure. The result is a wheel with improved strength and structural integrity, capable of withstanding the demands of spirited driving while maintaining its stunning appearance.

Luxury Aesthetic

While performance is undoubtedly a top priority, the BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 wheels also exudes an undeniable luxury aesthetic. Blending elegance and sportiness, these wheels feature a sleek, multi-spoke design that perfectly complements the X7M’s aggressive stance. The attention to detail and flawless finish of the wheels add a touch of sophistication to the SUV’s overall appearance, elevating it to new heights of refinement.

A Matte Black 2022 BMW X7M on Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Gloss Black Wheels

Collaboration with Shoreline Motoring

For this BMW X7M, Blaque Diamond partnered with Shoreline Motoring, a leading performance shop in Los Angeles. Known for their expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Shoreline Motoring came to us at Blaque Diamond to find the perfect wheels and fitment for their X7M,  enhancing its performance and creating a truly bespoke driving experience. Our collaboration has resulted in a vehicle that effortlessly blends power, luxury, and cutting-edge technology.

The BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 wheels, crafted in collaboration with Shoreline Motoring, represents the epitome of automotive excellence. From its lightweight construction and flow-forged technology to its luxurious aesthetic; the BD-F18 is the perfect wheel for this opulent vehicle, showcasing the perfect balance between performance and style. Whether you’re seeking thrilling acceleration on the open road or an elevated presence on city streets, the BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 wheels is the embodiment of automotive refinement and excellence.

BMW X7M with Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Gloss Black Wheels with Orange Barrel in the rain

About the BD-F18

The Blaque Diamond BD-F18 is a part of our premium Flow-Forged Series, maintaining a strong and very lightweight construction. The BD-F18 is one of our most popular wheels, and for good reason, its unique motorsports-inspired design is sure to transform the look of any build you put them on. The Blaque Diamond BD-F18 comes in two factory finishes, Gloss Black and Brushed Silver.

Custom Drilling and Test Fit Program

Experience the perfection of custom wheels with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Test Fit and Custom Drilling programs. Our commitment to precision and customization sets us apart. Our Custom Test Fit program ensures a flawless fit and optimal performance by utilizing our team of fitment experts to test multiple offsets and profiles during an in-house test fitting process. Our Custom Drilling program allows for exact offsets and custom bolt patterns, accommodating even the most specific requirements. Don’t settle for less—choose Blaque Diamond Wheels for unmatched style and performance.

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Custom Finish Program

Discover the endless customization possibilities with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Finish program. Our vast network of wheel finish specialists offers unlimited options, including powder coating, gloss, matte, chrome, OEM color matched, anodized, brushed, and more. Transform your wheels into unique works of art that reflect your style. Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetic with Blaque Diamond Wheels’ Custom Finish program.

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Additional Fitment Details

If you wish to find out more about offsets for the car, please feel free to contact our team. We are also able to accommodate custom fitments, bolt patterns, and finishes as per our customer’s requests If you have any requests for custom fitments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of fitment experts for more information.

Here are some fitment details:

  • Wheel Model – BD F18 
  • Wheel Finish – Gloss Black 
  • Wheel Size Front – 22 x 9
  • Wheel Size Rear – 22 x 10.5
  • Tire Model – Continental PremiumContact 6 SSR
  • Tire Size Front – 275/40/R22
  • Tire Size Rear – 315/35/R22
 For more information email [email protected] or call +1 (818) 362-2300

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