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Gunmetal Wheels

Gunmetal Wheels and Rims

Sleek and sophisticated, gunmetal wheels make a stylish option for any ride. Blaque Diamond’s range of custom color wheels and 5 lug wheels includes a wide selection in this distinctive shade of grey. Multi-spoke, concave, or chrome lip wheels, our collection features gunmetal color wheels in sizes from 19” to 24” and in a variety of finishes that will make any car stand out.

Custom Gunmetal Color Wheels

At Blaque Diamond we specialize in custom rims to transform your ride, engineering high-quality after buy wheels to fit makes including Audi, Ford, and Chevrolet. And personalization does not stop there. With an array of finishes, we offer a level of shine to complement any car, from matte to gloss gunmetal wheels or mirror-shiny gunmetal chrome rims.

Gunmetal Wheels Models

Stunning Line of Custom Gunmetal Rims with Attractive Look and Compatible Performance

BD1 Silver Wheels
BD2 Silver Wheels Collection Page
Blaque Diamond BD-3 Graphite
BD9 Silver Wheels Collection Page

Why Choose Gunmetal Grey Rims?

Fifty shades of grey? When it comes to your wheels, there is just one: gunmetal. Here’s why this classy hue is gaining in popularity.

  • It’s more subtle than silver and less aggressive than black, but gunmetal is not a compromise color. A classic in its own right, gunmetal grey has a luxury feel that makes any car look more elegant. 
  • Gunmetal rims are not just for cars. When you’re seeking a change from classic black wheels, gunmetal truck rims make a stylish choice to complement your vehicle.
  • This understated shade complements cars of all colors, from deep red to bright white. Grey-on-grey is a combination that always looks sleek; while gunmetal rims on a black car deliver an elegant contrast that will give your vehicle an eye-catching look that demands respect on the road.

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