What Are Directional Wheels?

Directional wheels are a unique spoke design type that that rotates in a certain direction. This direction within the design is unique to both the left and right side of the vehicle. Similar to directional tires, they mount onto the car and all face the same direction. This creates a presence with the aftermarket wheels that make the vehicle appear in motion, even when stationary.

True directional wheels can either “swoop” with the spokes lifting away from the ground, or “digging” where the design is pushing into the ground. Here at Blaque Diamond, we recommend your directional wheels to “Swoop” as it emphasizes rotation when the vehicle is in motion.

What are Directional Wheels? with a Toyota Supra on Blaque Diamond BD-F20 Gloss Black Wheels

Are all wheels directional?

No. Many wheels offer a design that is non-directional and can be mounted any which way on the vehicle, for example our BD-11. While non-directional wheels feature design elements that are captivating, adding a directional element can truly level-up the look and feel of your modified car.

Are all directional designed wheels TRULY directional?

Some manufacturers create a directional design, but all 4 wheels go the same direction causing the left and right side of the vehicle to have wheels going opposite ways. This is due to companies being unwilling to invest in additional manufacturing costs as true directional wheels require 2x the amount of molds. Here at Blaque Diamond, we want each wheel to have the maximum amount of concavity, design, and true proper directional wheels. You can guarantee that any directional wheel at Blaque Diamond features a “true” left and right for your vehicle. If you’re in doubt, always ask if the wheel is truly directional prior to ordering.

What are Directional Wheels?

Why should I get directional wheels?

Another benefit of directional car wheels is that they can provide an aesthetic upgrade. The sleek and modern design of these wheels can give a car a sporty and more upscale look. Directional wheels in motion demand attention and are mesmerizing when rolling down the road.

What are Directional Wheels? with a Toyota Supra on Blaque Diamond BD-F20 Gloss Black Wheels

Our Directional Wheels

At Blaque Diamond, we offer a high-performance directional car wheel called the BD F-20. The BD F-20 is a premium-quality wheel that is engineered to provide exceptional handling and stability on the road. It’s made using flow forming, a process that allows the wheel to be lighter and stronger than a typical cast wheel. This comes from how the aluminum is pressurized in its mold. Additionally, when the wheel is manufactured for its width, the “barrel” of the wheel is formed using high pressure rollers to maximize the internal grain rigidity of the aluminum while minimizing the amount of material needed to achieve the necessary rigidity. Lighter, wider, and stronger.

The F-20 is available in widths from 9 inch to 12 inch and a 20 inch diameter. Not only that, but we’re able to offer custom offsets and bolt patterns to fit almost any vehicle. Additionally, the BD F-20 has been designed to provide a sleek and modern appearance that will enhance the aesthetics of any vehicle it is fitted to.

Directional wheels are made for people looking to stand out and do something different with their car’s aesthetics. As always, if you wish to find out more about custom-drilled wheels for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our team. We are also able to accommodate custom fitments, bolt patterns, and finishes as per our customer’s requests. If you have any requests for custom fitments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of fitment experts for more information.

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