Forged Wheels

What are forged wheels? 

Forged wheels are a type of high-performance wheel that are made by a process called forging. This process involves using high pressure and heat to shape and form metal into the desired shape. Forged wheels are known for their strength, durability, and lightweight design, making them a popular choice for high-performance vehicles.

Blaque Diamond BD-F18 Gloss White Face with Gloss Black Barrel Wheel Product Photo

How are forged wheels made? 

The process of making forged wheels begins with a solid block of aluminum alloy. This block, called a billet, is heated to a high temperature and placed into a forging press. The press applies tremendous pressure to the billet, shaping it into the desired shape of the wheel. 

A 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 on Blaque Diamond BD-15 Brushed Silver Wheels

What makes forged wheels unique? 

One of the key benefits of the forging process is that it allows for the creation of complex shapes and designs that would be difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional casting methods. This means that forged wheels can have intricate details and unique designs that are not possible with cast wheels. 

After the forging process is complete, the wheels undergo further machining to add the necessary bolt holes and other details. They may also be polished or finished with a protective coating to give them a clean, finished look. Overall, the forging process results in a strong and lightweight wheel that is well-suited for high-performance vehicles. The end result is a wheel that can withstand the stresses of high speeds and hard cornering, while still being lightweight enough to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. If you wish to find out more about what forged wheels we offer, please feel free to contact our team. We are also able to accommodate custom fitments, bolt patterns, and finishes as per our customer’s requests. If you have any requests for custom fitments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of fitment experts for more information.
A 2017 Ford Mustang on Blaque Diamond BD-F17-5 Gloss Black Wheels